Hazardous Area

Hazardous Area Services

We have highly trained and experienced “CompEx” certified engineers, technicians and electricians that have specialised expertise in “Hazardous Area” electrical installation, inspection and testing, and maintenance of installations as defined by BS EN 60079.

We can offer well managed hazardous area electrical inspection programs which ensure that equipment installed in hazardous areas is correctly specified. We also will ensure their are no apparent defects which may render the equipment unsafe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

We deliver hazardous area electrical inspection services for clients in the UK and Worldwide across a wide range of industries, including the Chemical, Steel, Oil, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Offshore & Marine.

Our Hazardous Area Services include:

- Installation of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas
- Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas
- Maintenance of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas

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